Top 10 Reasons To Learn JavaScript

The main application of JavaScript is to make designs. Designs like UI/UX, games, visual effects, etc. It is effortless to learn and write. JavaScript is very much different from Java Language. Here are 10 reasons as for why you should learn JavaScript.In the browser: Every browser uses JavaScript as one of the languages in its core structure. JavaScript makes the environment of the browser easier. We can change many default settings of the browser if we know JavaScript. Popularity: JavaScript is the most infamous and widely used programming language. To get a sneak peek into a browser’s code and change its functionality knowledge of JavaScript is very important. A lot of open sources browsers have been improved by freelancing engineers having a knowledge of JavaScript and made it popular from unpopular. Its everywhere: JavaScript is both server side as well as client side. On the server side, it works on the platforms like node.js which is one of the most popular platforms for Inter…

Top 5 Most Expected Features Of The Java 9

It has a long time that Java 8, the next version is now just around the corner will release date of September 2017. As this has been seen long far now the company is ready to bring lots of new stuff in this latest version which certainly helps to boost Java development. Here are some most exciting new features that will come with Java 9 development platform.Project Jigsaw - Modular Source Code:The aim of this Project Jigsaw’s to make Java modular and spate the JRE to interoperable components. It is one of the most talks about the feature for Java 9. This feature just needs 4 steps towards creating project Jigsaw and will not alter the structure of the JRE and JDK. The main purpose of this feature is to help regroup the JDK source code into modules and improve the module boundaries at build time. Earlier this feature intended to include with Java 8 but it is now likely to integrate with Java 9. JShell: the interactive Java REPL:This feature Read Eval Print-Loop is already found and now…